The Helendorf River Inn Suites and Conference Center
33 Munich Strasse
Helen, Georgia 30545

Rooms are open! Call now to book the Bunkhouse (Helendorf Inn) fer the Wild Wild West
Helenblitz 2020, Yeeeehaw!

Standard room - $74.00
Riverfront - $99
Patio $ 109

All prices per night, call the Helendorf at 706-878-2271
Remember to tell them your there for Helenblitz!

So git out of that there saloon, stop practicin’ yous quick draw and gits on that telegraph
thingy or Pony Express and git’s you’re reservation for this Hootin Hollerin Event!

Hope to sees all you folks in February 2020!
The Helendorf will be the host Hotel
Farewell Diner